Sunday, May 15, 2011

U.S. vs. Chinese hardwood flooring, who will win?

U.S. vs. Chinese hardwood flooring, who will win?
Many people are speculating how the new tariff on hardwood flooring importerd from China will affect the current industry. Many people are excited to see the playing field leveled for U.S. based hardwood floor manufacturers. Some consumer hate to see the low prices of Chinese hardwood flooring disappear.
With the details of the tariff rumored to become more clear in the next 7-10 days when the regulations are expected to be inforced, many people are waiting impatiently to see how they will be affected. Whether they are a manufacturer, distributor, dealer or consumer, every player in this industry will have to make changes.
Here is a link to an article published by Hardwood Flooring magazine that goes into more detail of the investigation and outcome of the practices of the Chinese government and hardwood manufacturers:

Brian Heltzel

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  1. Great post, this is new information to me. I work in the wholesale brass fittings industry (pipe, tube, and dot fittings) and have seen China take 90% of the business over seas.

    This is a nice clean easy to read blog! I really need to get on the ball and consistently update our company blog. You have given me some inspiration.

    Champion Energy