Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hardwood Flooring cleaning tips!

The Do's and Don'ts of Hardwood Flooring Care

Hardwood floors are best when maintained because it keeps its original state. Aside from its strength, durability, and its benefit our health, it also has an ageless quality. Which means the more you take care of it, the more it will look beautiful even as it age. Maintenance of hardwood floor is the easiest there is in all the flooring types.
 Know the type of finish your hardwood floor has, use the proper maintenance for that finish.
 Regularly sweep the floor to remove dirt.
 Use professional hardwood cleaner to keep its luster.
 Clean sticky spots with damp towel or sponge then dry it immediately using a dry-mop or cloth.
 Clean water spills immediately using dry cloth.
 Protect floors from heavy furniture by placing glides made of felt or fabric.
 Lift the furniture if you can to prevent scratch.
 Use rugs on areas where you are to expect water spills.
 Be aware that high heels can cause dents, rubber shoes with deep threads can have gravels stuck in to that may cause scratch.
 Let the floors be exposed in direct sunlight, use curtains or drapes
 Use vinegar or any solution containing acids.
 Move heavy objects without a rug or padding beneath it.
 Use upright vacuum with beater bars, it will scratch the floor.
 Mop the floor with water, it will ruin the floor finish and cause the wood to warp.
 Treat the floor with cleaning solutions not made for hardwood, ask for professional help first.
 Use dust treatments not made for your floor type.
 Repair the gaps by your own either, let the professionals do it.
 Wax urethane floors.
How to Clean Hardwood floors every day
1. Sweep the floor to get rid of dust and other particles.
2. Vacuum the floor edges and other hard to reach surfaces.
3. Buff the floor using a dry cloth, rub the floor gently and in circular motion. Use floor cleaners recommended by the manufacturers to make it shiny and protected.

Just obey the do's and don'ts of hardwood floor care and everything will be perfect. Keep in mind to protect your floors from dirt, abrasive and sharp objects, and water because this will degrade the quality of the floor. If you are remodeling and have plans to put hardwood floors, do not place it in areas where you expect the floor to be wet at all times. A good location is in the living room to keep acoustics in, and in the bedroom so it's less messy compared to carpets. It is ok to install hardwood flooring in your kitchen, providing that you stay on top of cleaning your floor and prevent any pooling of water.

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