Monday, November 14, 2011

Species of Hardwood: Red Oak

Description of Red Oak Flooring
Red Oak is not as fine as White Oak and has a rougher feel due to the larger pores. Depending on the sawn boards the grain can have a plumed or grainy appearance, low figuring, tight patter, or a flake appearance that is also known as tiger oak.

Red Oak has a distinct reddish tones, hence the name. The wood is stiff, dense and is durable but not as much as White Oak. It is easier to finish than the white Oak since it is also softer, which also makes it easier to work with when you are nailing it down.
The pores on Red Oak Flooring make it suitable for staining to your favorite tones.

Benefits of Red Oak Flooring
The greatest advantage is the natural red color. Any room that spots this color looks classy and fit for a king. When you want a home that looks like a classical home, then Red Oak Flooring is the best for that old fashioned feel.

Red Oak is also strong and can withstand heavy usage. You can be sure that you will get several years for service from it without any major maintenance. However, due to aging and usage, it can tend to lose its red luster, but this can easily be corrected by applying hardwood polish.
Red Oak is also hypoallergenic and therefore a good addition to homes that have children.

Potential Disadvantages of Red Oak Flooring
Most hardwoods are difficult to maintain and red oak is no exception. Red Oak cannot be exposed to excessive moisture. This can cause serious damage to it which may lead you to change the flooring even before it gives you the required service period.
How to maintain Red Oak Flooring
One should avoid dragging things on the floor or excessive rough treatment. Given that it is not as strong as the white variety, more caution should be exercised. It is important that you wax the flooring every couple of months. This wax polish also helps to protect the wood from moisture and spillages. Should any spills occur, all you have to do is mop it up.
Installation of Red Oak flooring

Depending on the kind of base that you have you can choose to use prefinished hardwood, unfinished red oak or the engineered red oak. Red Oak is easier to work with and its pores make it easy to stain. If you want to have a high gloss finish it may be necessary to use pore filler on these pores before you do the finishing. Prefinished wood is ideal if time is a factor and engineered flooring is best for concrete based houses. If you want to match new flooring to an old one then the unfinished flooring is usually the best.

Price of Red Oak Flooring
Red Oak ranges in price from $2.25 for unfinished to $10 per square foot for prefinished. One may consider this a little on the higher side but given the fact that it will probably outlast your lifespan, then it is a wise purchase.

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